Planet Love Sound
EP Launch - SYDNEY
The Vanguard.
42 King st, Newtown.
JAN 19. $10 pre-sale. $12 door.  

Street Art Collaboration

A collaboration with Melbourne artist Matt Adnate who painted a version of our EP artwork. Melbourne EP launch 12 JAN @ The Toff. Sydney EP Launch 19 JAN @ The Vanguard.

On The Run music video

Live footage from The PLS Manifesto in Berlin.

From our upcoming single, My Shadow.

TAC After Gig Guide Video

A rather random little interview with some live footage from one of our earlier shows.

In The 'Middle Of Nowhere'

A short documentary made by our good friend Osvaldo Budet

2010 Melbourne Semi-Permanent event intro video

Because the Sydney event intro went down so well, we collaborated with Semi-Permanent on the track for the Melbourne SP event intro.

Live acoustic in Berlin

Some footage from an acoustic gig at a gallery in Berlin. The track is called 'I Am Mother'. Here's the clip.

Bite My Lip

Late last year, Tina, Joe, Oscar & Murray caught up in Melbourne to work on some new tracks and have a beer or two. We threw this clip together from the studio. This track is still a work-in-progress, but as we're a little excited we had to put it up !

PLS at Semi-Permanent

During the recent 2010 Sydney Semi-Permanent, we made the tunes behind the intro video. Here is a video of Andrew on stage plugging PLS and the track. Thanks guys.

2010 Sydney Semi-Permanent event intro video

We recently collaborated with Semi-Permanent, Josh Andrews & Jonathan Yuen on the opening intro video for the Sydney Semi-Permanet event. Here is the final piece that was shown in front of 2,000 people.