Planet Love Sound
The Toff In Town 

with special guests Tehachapi
Tickets $15 door. $12 pre-sale
JAN 12. 8pm.

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About P L S

‘Radiohead ride pushbikes on an airstrip. Fever Ray circles above. PJ Harvey sings from the thunderclouds.’

Planet Love Sound (aka P L S), is a fully independent Australian experimental/ psychedelic pop band with a powerful sound and dynamic live show. The band cites Portishead, Radiohead, Jefferson Airplane and Tom Waits as important influences, personally writing and recording all their material from home studios in Berlin and Melbourne.

Vocalist Tina Stefanou and bassist Joe Franklin met at music school in the early 2000s and the two immediately bonded over Björk, Beck and The Beatles. In 2005, Joe was invited to join Australian indie-rock band Dukes of Windsor by his soon-to-be band mate and guitarist, Oscar Dawson. Whilst recording their second album, the Dukes found themselves in the icy north of Sweden, where Joe and Oscar met producer Magnus Lindberg. After falling in love with the home-made demos, Magnus now mixes all P L S tracks from his studio in Stockholm.

P L S relocated to Berlin in 2009 and there the band embarked on a journey that pushed them artistically and musically. Audiences praised the P L S sound, and several inspirational support slots were crucial in establishing their Berlin fan-base; firstly, for Canadian four-piece Holy F#@k, then for alt-country singer/songwriter Karen Elson, and most recently LA-based chick- rockers Warpaint. Returning to Australia for the summer of 2010/2011, P L S played a series of sell-out shows in their hometown of Melbourne and also embarked on several national headline tours.

In addition to their live successes, the band collaborates with visual artists in both Australia and Europe. Their ongoing relationship with the international design conference Semi-Permanent is most notable. Songs such as ‘Nothing Lasts’ and ‘My Shadow’ have featured at the Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong events and were produced specifically by the band to accompany the opening sequence videos that welcomed approximately 2000 people on each occasion. ‘Thirsty’, ‘a track hedged with a wonderful funk sensibility’ featured on the promotional video for a photography competition curated by prominent international photographer Dave LaChapelle, and in mid-2010 the band joined forces with Puerto Rican filmmaker Osvaldo Budet Melendez to create their very first mini-documentary entitled The Middle of Nowhere. It is through these collaborations that Planet Love Sound foresees a future that not only downloads sound, but also video. With this in mind, they aim to release each song with a visual feature, concept or accompaniment.

The band’s first single, ‘On The Run’, is available for immediate download at www. Featuring a music video filmed in Germany, produced by the band, and directed by young Australian filmmaker Josh Dawson, this track sets the benchmark for their anticipated debut album.

Comprised of ‘sweeping theatrical vocals over lo-fi organic electronica, teetering between gothic extravagance and the bittersweet subtlety of the final Moloko record’, the album is to be released in Europe in early 2012, and will be released in Australia as a two-part EP series throughout 2012.


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